"We bend our knee only when we die."

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The Domain of the Queen
I'm so tired I'm barely staying awake. I also managed to do replies. I also had to correct this so it actually made sense. Yep time for some sleep.
"Are you sick?"



"No, no we’re fine," a blatant and outright lie. Vivaldi, wasn’t in the least bit feeling good. She hadn’t been all day, but she wasn’t about to let anyone around her know it unless it came down to it. However, she was over heating something terrible among other things.



"Sounds sensible I guess." Boris picked up a plain piece of paper and a pen on the queen’s work desk and passed them to the queen. Sickness had to be dealt with quickly when the symptoms get noticed, lest it got worse, so the cat had a bit of a sense of emergency at the moment here. He had to work fast if he was going to take care of a sick queen. "May I have your permission to do a bit of room cut-and-paste in your castle? It would help me get to that room quickly once I know where its located exactly." It was always an unspoken rule when Boris used his roleholder ability to cut and paste rooms as the Cheshire Cat: He can’t do it in the territory of another roleholder unless he has the said roleholder’s permission to do so. In this case here, Vivaldi. 

Taking the pen and paper she drew a rough map to where he needed to go. “Here, we’ve done the best we can.” However, she couldn’t help but wonder if she had actually managed to remember the location correctly. After all, she didn’t truly have a reason to go there often. "Yes, that’s fine. As long as you put it back later. We truly don’t want the rooms changed around too much." After all, she didn’t want to get lost and Ace already got lost enough as is. 

No escape. "I have you now Viv.





Send me "No Escape" for my muse's reaction to yours trapping them between their arms.

"Oh, is this so~" she relaxed  hearing his familiar voice. "Well, we suppose we would rather be trapped in your arms over anyone else~" she laughed lightly. 

Al leads her on to it, assisting them with the chair before sitting himself, taking their hand in his.
"This is nice in the garden."

"It is, it’s our favorite spot to be~" A true statement as nothing put her at ease more then the rose garden. 

"Yes, almost as lovely as you." He says, smiling happily at them.

"Now you’re just being cheesy~" she did however blush a little.



"They’ll end up on your desk, anyway. This way, I’m saving myself a step." And if you touch his work space with your filthy hands, he will make sure you get a bullet or two into you.

"However, they are yours to go over first. Unless you are done with them it’s not our job yet," she smirked. If this turned into a full out fight she was more then ready. It had been a while since her and the rabbit had gone at it. "You know this as well as we do."

I won't say I'm in love,




Send me “I won't say I'm in love” if your muse has feeling for my muse but keeps them hidden because they think they aren't requited.


"Oh, you keep those hidden do you?"

"That’s for us to know and you to find out~" she was teasing of course. As she really liked Al. However, Vivaldi didn’t want to outright admit it at the moment.

Al lifts their head gently under the chin to quickly kiss the nose.
"And you know how much I like a challenge!" He says with a twinkle in his eye.

"We know~ Here we’ll give you a clue," she laughed and reached up kissing him gently on the lips. "Is that a good enough clue for you~?"


OH MY GOSH PETER YOU SLY DOG—-err rabbit man

Hurt rp Starters
"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down! You don't want to get even more hurt, do you?"
"Tell me where it hurts."
"Whoa, that's purple... It looks like your shoulder is dislocated."
"Oh my god. Are you okay?"
"You're bleeding... You're bleeding bad..."
"This is gonna hurt..."
"Holy crap! I may not know much about human anatomy, but legs don't bend that way!"
"It's all swollen up..."
"You have a black eye. Where you fighting with someone?"
"Okay... Okay, hospital. Hospital, now."
"I think you have a concussion."
"Calm down! Calm down! Your ankle is sprained, okay?"
"Here, lean on me."
"I'm gonna need more bandaids..."
"What the hell happened to you!?"
"Here, I need to clean you up. This might sting a bit..."
"We need to get the bullet out..."
"Oh my god, you've been shot!"
"Did... did you get beat up!?"
"Just hold on. You're gonna be fine..."
"Look out for that car!"
"Wake up! Oh god, please wake up!"
"You're alive! Oh, thank god!"
"I'm no doctor, but you should have that looked at. It's bleeding a lot..."
"What is that? Are there bandages under your shirt?"
"Why is your arm wrapped up like that? And are those blood stains!?"
"You must have hit the back of your head really hard."
"Look at me. Just look at me and stay awake. Can you do that?"
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