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I love organic ships.

I love it when a relationship builds over months and takes both players completely by surprise.

I love it when there’s a spark and you know instantly that your characters are supposed to be in each other’s lives. 

I love how many different combinations of random moments there are that can just create an amazing story between two muses.

I love going into a plot without the intention of shipping, and then you see the potential there, and it’s undeniable, no matter what you wanted. 

I love ships that play like real life- that have fights, that have lazy rainy days, that have insecurities even after they’ve fallen in love and should be completely secure with one another.

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You really have nothing to be afraid of honest to god I’m shy. I may act all though and crap, but I spend over half of my time afraid to actually talk to other roleplayers unless they come forward first. For example I’ve admired crazytealover from afar since I first started here. I always wanted a roleplay with them, always. It’s only just now that we actually started something and that’s because they asked me. I’m a chicken a really big one at that. 

However, you don’t have to come off anon heck I won’t even ask you to. I just hope that this might alleviate ( is that even the right word I’m looking for? ) some of the fear you have to talk to me. )) 

What’s This? [Closed Starter ] - Ice-Like-Dreams



Crysta giggled as she joined Vivaldi at the table. “That, Red Queen, depends entirely on what what each of us would call interesting.” she murmured, amusement lightening her expression as she settled into her seat. “I think border discussions are boring, personally.” then she sighed. “But according to Sydney, our land now borders yours for a short distance at the edge of the woods on your side, and he wanted me to make sure that that small area won’t pose a problem in the near future.” 


She frowned at her nearly empty glass, and took another tiny sip, savoring the flavor, then took another bite of her pastry, which was also almost gone.

"If you think it won’t, then I’m sure we can find something more enjoyable to discuss."

"We are certain there is something we could find that we would both enjoy. After all, we’ve managed to last being chained together once," she sighed. Not that Vivaldi enjoyed bringing up such odd past experiences with the other. "We can agree with that. Border discussions were never one of our favorite subjects. After all, it’s pointless to discuss when neither side is going to change anything," she rested a hand on the edge of the table nearest to her.

Closing her eyes for a moment she took a moment to mill things over. "We doubt it will become much of a problem. In fact we will make sure it doesn’t become a problem," she replied. After all, she really didn’t want there to be any border skirmishes between their two territories. It was the first time Heart and Diamond castle were within the same country and even if Crysta and her rarely got along it would be best to keep things as neutral as possible.

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Time Well Spent [ Closed Starter - Crazytealover ]



Once a while he has finally got a chance to get away from the noisy subordinates and all the work, that has brought him nothing but stress.
Dealing with the whole bunch of kids is also quite tiresome as the twins
don’t have even the slightest intention of doing their work properly for once a while. Entering the rose garden, Blood sighed in relief, as he finally was surrounded by his roses. Kneeling down, he gently grabbed one of them.
The flower quickly wrapped around his arms as he kept enjoying the amazing smell. Suddenly the steps caused him to turn around and see his sister confidently walking forwards. “Oh…You came.” was his greeting as he stood up again, smiling.  

Vivaldi offered a smile to her brother. It had been far too long since they had last spoken without having to fight to keep appearances. "We needed a break. Things have become hectic around the castle and resting there wouldn’t have worked," she stated simply. “We see you too needed to get away?”