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"We’ve had enough of this!" The queen glared at the many guards around her irritation had reached it’s height at the moment. This was not what she wanted. "Off with his head!" she pointed to one of the many faceless guards.

(('Ello there~!)) Sinbad stepped into the castle gardens, looking around in fascination at the area. During his observation he spotted a woman at a table; hoping for some help, he jogged over to her, going unnoticed by the soldiers somehow, he stepped closer and held up a hand, saluting to her. "Hey~" He smiled at her, "I'm terribly sorry for interrupting you, miss; however, would you have any idea where I am?"



"Hm?" Vivaldi quirked an eyebrow as a stranger approached her table. He had to be one of the most strangely dressed people she had ever seen enter her garden. Setting her tea down she gave him her full attention for a moment. "Where you are is in Wonderland. Who are you?" Her eye’s narrowed on him now.


"… Then I greatly appreciate your help, your highness. It was an honor to meet such a beautiful and confident ruler. However," he stood slowly. "I’m afraid that I cannot rest until I have found a way home. Now that you have given me an idea of this country, I will continue my travels." Just as he stepped away from the table, a loud groan rose. In response, Sinbad placed a hand over his stomach to muffle the noise.

"Wait," she hadn’t been completely done explaining when he had decided to leave. "Stay, it’s obvious you are hungry, and we can’t send a visitor on their way without food." She laughed at his growling stomach. "We will have something prepared at once," she sent one of the many maids lurking around off to inform the staff. "Plus, we haven’t told you about the other role holders," she had meant to explain them, but for some reason it had slipped her mind. "Please, sit."

Snap - ankle - 24 hours





Vivaldi wasn’t exactly sure what had happened but all she knew is she was now regretting having left the castle without someone with her. One moment she had been walking just fine and the next she was laying across the ground her left ankle in absolute pain. When she looked to find a cause all she could find was a rather huge boulder that she could only assume she must of tripped over.


However, when she tried to force herself up she quickly discovered that putting weight on her leg just wasn’t happening. It hurt too much and it was swollen, and when she had tried the pain had been maddening. So, for now she would have to wait until someone, hopefully friendly came along and helped her, if not she would try to fight from the ground. She would not go down without a fight.

She also couldn’t just remain here, but when she could move on her own that was a little difficult. She would at least get out of the middle of the damn pathway. So, much to her own frustration she crawled out of the middle of the path and situated herself on the side of the path and began waiting.

BB knelt down besides Vivaldi. “Oh dear…..want me to help you up?” she held her arms out.

"Yes, please. We honestly can’t put any weight on it at all," she huffed and actually took the other’s arms to help herself onto her feet leaning quite heavily on the girl. "What is the closest place to here right now …" she trialed off and glanced around trying to figure out where she could have the other take her so she wasn’t stuck walking with her like this for long.

"Um, there’s a bench nearby, is that okay?" BB asked.

"That’s fine for now," the queen sighed. A bench was probably better then trying to find somewhere near by anyways. As in her current state it might only lead her to her end. It didn’t truly matter to her either way, but every time the thought of her death came to mind she couldn’t help but think about Alice. Alice would be sad, it was the only reason she was avoiding her death. "We will need to make our way back to the castle though."

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